Pharmacy / Vitamins



Vitamin A

  • Topical Vitamin products that help fight the aging process while improving the overall condition of the cells damaged by external elements.
  • Vitamin A helps to slough dead cells, it improves elasticity, plumps the epidermis and decreases damage caused by the sun

Vitamin C

  • Topical anti-aging and free radical inhibitors to help fight previous UV damage and skin oxidation.
  • Lipid-soluble Vitamin C penetrates faster and is more potent than the water-soluble form more commonly known as Ascorbic Acid.
  • Antioxidants are substances that keep free radicals under control.
  • They protect against and correct photo-damage
  • Vitamin C in combination with Vitamin E and other topical antioxidants should prevent collagen breakdown leading to healthier, younger looking skin

Vitamin E

  • most potent topical antioxidant today that offers benefits for the skin.
  • improve the retention of moisture in the epidermis by protecting the cellular membrane lipids in the stratum corneum
  • Prevents DNA degradation


  • Lipids are a very select group of functional fats found in the skin.
  • They are the heart and soul of the complex dynamics relating to skin moisture and moisture protection.
  • This grouping becomes highly functional and serves several significant and essential actions needed in the skin:
  • Maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum by preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • Mediate moisture permeability
  • Regulates hydration and electrolytes